HowJoanna designs and makes table and decorative ware in porcelain. Each of her pieces are hand thrown and crafted with the greatest care for detail. Joanna produces a range of pottery for all occasions, from functional kitchen and household pots to one off decorative and sculptural pieces in a range of sizes. The range consists of mugs, teapots, jugs, sugar bowls, storage jars, oil and vinegar poring vessels, crafts and cups, flower pots, garden decorations, bowls of all sizes, fruit bowls, plates, platters, serving dishes, jewellery boxes and vases. All in a range of subtle colours of whites, creams, blue, greens and the occasional use of black, (Although Joanna is always working on something new).

Joanna trained at the world renowned Design and Craft Council of Ireland, Design and Pottery skills Course.
Inspiration for Joanna’s finely thrown Artistic and functional ware comes from simple elegant forms and an appreciation of the golden ratio, anything from flowers and petals to modernist Architecture and Design. Consideration is given to every detail in both her functional and more sculptural work, the rim, the base, the weight, the balance, the form all corresponding and working together. Attention to detail, good design and good craftsmanship are very important to Joanna.